Florida Legislature to Revisit 'Texting While Driving' Ban

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Maybe we're all guilty of answering or sending a text behind the wheel. But Florida lawmakers will once again try to ban the driving danger, even though past proposals have been shot down.

"Hope springs eternal. We have a new senate, a new house, hopefully a new way of thinking, but we won't know until we put a bill out there and we see how it does," said Sen. Thad Altman (R) - Brevard. He is one of two senators proposing texting laws.

Florida already enforces a "distracted driving" law, but right now the offense isn't exactly punishable. It only goes into a crash report as a contributing cause.

Other staes' texting while driving laws vary, with some penalties carrying a fine anywhere from $25 for the first offense, all the way up to $800 dollars for the second.

The proposed laws in Florida could make it so points are given on your license if you're caught sending that quick text.

Senator Altman is proposing an alternative bill which would outlaw texting for 16 and 17 year old drivers in case the other bill doesn't pass.

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