Florida Prison Inmate Files Motion Involving Wrong Woman

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Almost everybody gets a letter in the mail summoning them for jury duty.

But, Margaret Graham Patterson said the letter she received in the mail from the clerk's office was unusual and shocking.

"I got another notice that I failed to appear in court and another court date was set for December 20th," she said.

"It's just very frustrating that I'm not even supposed to be involved in it."

Gregory K. Patronis is serving four years at Liberty Correctional Institution and is accused of beating a Margaret Graham.

He filed a motion to have an injunction against him relieved for work release.

But, he found the wrong Margaret Graham.

"I looked him up on the internet to see who he was why he was sending paper work to me," Patterson said.

The state attorney's office came to her rescue and is helping solve this mystery.

"He's got the wrong victim and an address of an innocent victim and I'm trying to keep the court from allowing him any benefit of being on work release because he clearly is an abuser," said Al Gandy, a state attorney with the 2nd Judicial Circuit.

"My whole thing is that why was he even allowed to be on the internet to search me out to begin with?" Patterson added.

We reached out to the Department of Corrections to answer her question. A DOC spokeswoman said they are looking into the situation and that inmates are not allowed to have internet access at Liberty Correctional.

The spokeswoman further said Patronis may have asked an outside person to search for Patterson's address, which is not a violation.

The state attorney's office expects the situation to be settled soon.

Anyone in a similar situation should contact the DOC's Tallahassee office or the direct institution in question.

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