Florida Sheriffs Promise to Protect Second Amendment Rights

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By :Mike Springer
February 1, 2013

Monticello, FL - As calls for stricter gun control laws from Washington have some gun owners worried they may lose their guns, the Florida Sheriffs Association says its looking to ease those fears.

Some of the Sheriffs Association's members voted in favor of a proclamation promising to prevent any infringement on a person's right to 'bear arms' and up hold the Second Amendment.

"The sheriffs take a stand to defend the Constitution. A lot of men and women died, protecting that constitution. We are not going to support any or condone any act to take your guns," said Jefferson County Sheriff, David Hobbs.

During Sheriff Association's Winter Conference in Destin, about two-thirds of the 55 sheriffs at the conference voted in favor of the proclamation, including Jefferson County Sheriff David Hobbs. In it, the Sheriffs promise to 'not assist, support or condone any constitutional infringement ' on a person's right to bear arms.

"We want to take an opportunity just to assure the people that have asked these questions and some that may have not that have concerns about the Second Amendment right," said Hobbs.

The gun control debate now heads to Capitol Hill. Members of senate judiciary committee began hearings on proposed legislation earlier this week.

Some proposals before Congress include a reinstatement of the assault weapons ban and requiring background checks for all gun sales, including the ones done by private sellers.

You can read the proclamation the sheriffs voted on below.

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