Florida State Holds Celebration Honoring Dr. Eric Barron

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"I don't think I'm ever going to say goodbye," said Dr. Eric Barron.

After 4 years of being Florida State University's president, the school honors Dr. Eric and Molly Barron's work before they leave to Penn State.

"This is my institution, I'm an alum, I think these friends are lifelong friends, I think I'm going to spend the rest of my life watching this university get better and better," said Barron.

The FSU Marching band, university officials and the community joined the celebration at the Westcott Plaza for a bittersweet goodbye.

"It's a wonderful day, but it's also a great day of sadness to lose the Barron's. They have been so wonderful and have moved us to such a height as a university," said FSU alum Betty Lou Joanos.

The celebration means the next step is finding a new president, something that's been on the minds of students and faculty.

"We're heading towards the top 25, and we want to find another president who can continue his initiatives and implement them but we're looking for somebody who is a great academic like President Barron and a great leader for our university," said Board Trustee Mark Hillis.

Even Dr. Barron has some advice for whoever fills his shoes.

"Don't stop, keep going, keep your foot on the gas, keep going. This is a great place and they're ready to climb even higher," said Barron.

Garnett Stokes is currently the interim president of FSU. Dr. Barron will start his new position at Penn State on, or before May 12, 2014.

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