Florida State Seminoles Rock Last Home Game

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By: Bailey Myers
November 23rd, 2013

Tallahassee FL- Thousands came out tonight to support their Noles during FSU's final home game of the season.

This golden greeter, Sandy Preston makes sure everyone feels welcomed as they walk into Nole Country saying, "Hey welcome to Doak Campbell stadium-- ya'll have fun at the game" to everyone that passes through her gate.

"I just love FSU," said Preston during Saturday's game.

Ever since her first game back in the 70's Preston has been a Nole looking forward to those great seasons when they are undefeated!

"It feels great it's exciting! it's really exhilarating. But I've been here when we have been down and my husband will say oh honey lets go its the middle of the fourth quarter but I would say i'm not leaving! I'm not leaving till the clock runs down," she explained.

It's that type of dedication that filled the stands during FSU's final home game of the season on Saturday.

For some seniors it's their last home game as a student.

FSU Senior, Michelle Guitien said, "It's very sad that these last four years have come to an end. We are really proud of our football team and everything that we have been able to accomplish and it's just sad to do the chomp one last time."

For most, this wont be the very last chomp that they do for the season. Like some fans said, "We have already booked our hotel room out in Pasadena. We are ready to go. Ready to go out to California."

Florida State University plays their rival, the University of Florida, next Saturday at 12:00 p.m. in the swamp.

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