Florida TaxWatch On Governor Scott's Proposed Budget

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By: Emily Johnson
February 3, 2014

Tallahassee, FL - The government watchdog, Florida TaxWatch, is keeping a close eye on Governor Scott's 2014-2015 Proposed Budget. "What Florida TaxWatch is looking at is the Governor and the Legislature implementing a lot of their recommendations for controlling cost or reducing cost so that more of the savings can go in to classroom instruction for teachers and for students," said Dominic Calabro, Florida TaxWatch President.

Governor Scott's Proposed Budget is $74.2 Billion which is includes $22.1 Billion for Education, 30.3 Billion for Human Services, $4.1 Billion for Criminal Justice, $3.1 Billion for Natural Resources/Environment, $9.5 Billion for Transportation, $4.2 for General Government and $0.4 for Judicial.

The watchdog group also recommends consolidation for the states IT offices. "We believe that that new IT governing office that can better manage our IT contracts over a billion dollars a year, we think even a one percent savings is 20 million dollars," said Calabro.

TaxWatch is also on board with the Governor's plan to increase tourism in Florida. "100 million tourists a year, translates to about a 121,000 jobs," said Calabro.

Other items highlighted in the Budget Watch for Governor Scott's Proposed Budget was Public Safety, Everglades Restoration and Transportation. For more information on Florida TaxWatch Budget Watch you can visit their website at www.floridataxwatch.org.

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