Florida TaxWatch Releases Budget Guide

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You can now track how your Florida tax dollars are being spent.

The state's new budget year began Tuesday.

Most people probably wouldn't attempt or want to read through Florida's more than 400 page $77-billion budget.

For that reason, Florida TaxWatch has created a sort of Cliff's Notes version.

The pocket guide highlights spending in each of the budget areas.

For example, the guide shows Medicaid spending is the largest budget item at $21-billion, more than a quarter of the overall budget.

This year lawmakers approved $18.9-billion to local school districts.

That figure is the largest dollar amount in state history and the second largest per student.

You can easily find other highlights along with historical information about the budget in this guide.

You can request one at the website www.floridataxwatch.org/research/budgetguide1415

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