Florida Teen Kills Baby Reenactment

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Lakeland, FL--- A Florida teen explains in her own words why and how she killed her newborn son. The 14-year-old says she was scared of getting into trouble with her parents.

In a stunning step-by-step reenactment...
Cassidy Goodson left no detail out for investigators while demonstrating on a Santa Claus doll the painful September morning she secretly gave birth.

The teen says she choked the baby for about a minute; until it stopped breathing. Her blatant admission helped turn the baby's death into a capital murder case against Goodson.

The teen went to great lengths to keep her pregnancy hidden like wearing baggy clothing and cheating on pregnancy tests that her mom forced her to take. Her mother says she thought the teen was just gaining weight.

The new evidence released by the state, makes it clear Goodson did not want to disappoint her parents.

Goodson is charged with first degree-murder for the September death of her son.