Florida Universities Have Big Economic Impact

A new study shows Florida's university system is a major driver of the state's economy.

FSU Freshman Hannah Wilhjelm is moving back home to New Jersey next year.

She says, "I want to maybe come back for graduate school. That's definitely something I want to do. Maybe do an internship down here."

The Board of Governors' Economic Impact Study says graduates of Florida's university system make from $550,000 for a bachelors degree, to $1.8 million for a professional degree over a 30 year period.

Wilhjelm says, "I'm going to consider coming down even more than I just was a few seconds ago. I definitely want to come back"

The study says in 2009-2010, the state university system had an enrollment of 312,216 students.

It says the economic impact comes out to nearly $80 billion from direct and indirect spending; and more than 771,000 Florida-based jobs.

FSU Student Graham Parker says, "I think that's great. It's good that we're giving back to the state where we're being educated. So, I'm glad that's I can contribute to Florida."

The study says FSU has the second largest value added and employment impacts in the state university system.

It says, the largest value added and employment impacts in the Florida SUS were generated by the University of Florida
at $12.53 billion and 188,461 jobs respectively; followed by Florida State University at $7.76 billion and 116,130
jobs respectively; University of Central Florida at $7.73 billion and 112,926 jobs respectively; and University of
South Florida at $7.54 billion and 111,766 jobs respectively.

The study says FAMU generated $1.6 billion and 24,886 jobs.

The report says the total employment impacts of the Florida university system in 2009-10 were 2.7 fold higher than the previous year.

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