Florida University System Ranks 5th For Research Spending

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By: Lanetra Bennett
August 27, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - In the last decade, state officials say Florida's university system has increased it's total research expenditures by nearly 30 percent, with $1.76 billion now going toward research and development.

FSU researcher, Dr. Peggy Hsieh, says if it weren't for federal funding, she would not have been able to help develop a method detection for prevention of Mad Cow Disease.

"No money, no research." She says.

Dr. Hsieh has also developed a rapid amino acid to detect contaminants in processed food.

She says, "If this is beef, should be beef. If this is pork, it should not come in beef. This is important not only for food labeling enforcement, but also to protect the consumers who may be allergic to different animal proteins."

State officials say nearly $1.8 billion go toward research spending at Florida's public universities.

Florida ranks 5th in the nation for research and development expenditures.

FAMU says its recently awarded $13.7 million in national grants will help researchers' discovery of drugs to fight cancer, neuro-degenerative disease, and Parkinson's Disease.

FAMU Researcher Karam Soliman says, "We have ten patents filed for new drugs which will definitely help us and will put us on the map nationally and internationally."

FAMU Professor Dr. Carl Goodman's research looks at drug abuse. He says, "We're actually trying to figure out what's the mechanism in terms of the cellular mechanism within the brain as to why tolerance develops when someone is receiving morphine."

For the complete look at the areas of where research funding is spent, where it comes from, and the top 10 list of universities regarding research expenditures, go to: http://flbog.edu/documents_meetings/0182_0721_5428_ASA%2006ii_Research%20Overview%20Info%20Brief.pdf

Press Release From State University System of Florida

Tallahassee, FL - The State University System is ranked 5th in the nation for research and development expenditures

In the last decade, the State University System has increased total research expenditures by nearly 30 percent, with $1.76 billion now going toward research and development. (Read more here: http://flbog.edu/documents_meetings/0182_0721_5428_ASA%2006ii_Research%20Overview%20Info%20Brief.pdf.)

Why should you care? Research on university campuses leads to new innovations, inventions, cures to diseases and solutions to problems in society. A strong research base helps fuel the state’s knowledge-based economy and makes us all better off.

Bottom line? The State University System of Florida provides a good return on investment.

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