Florida Voters Pass Three Amendments

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If you drop by American Legion Post 13 in Tallahass, you'll probably find Val Frailey. He's there about three hours a day, every day.

Frailey's the post commander, and he's seen some vets at their worst.

"There's quite a few of 'em that for one reason or another they're on hard times, they come back to the states, they don't have a job, although they're supposed to...there's a lot of them that try to get into the different kind of homeless abilities," said Frailey.

Some help is on the way.

Three amendments were passed by Florida voters with two of them designed to help veterans.

Amendment 2 expands on the homestead property tax discount which gives disabled veterans a break on property taxes even if they didn't live in Florida when they entered the service.

Amendment 9 is aong the same lines, giving a property tax break to surviving spouses of veterans killed in action.

"Both of them I think are fantastic. If a guy comes back wounded from being overseas, he should have a little relief on his taxes on his homestead. It helps a lot," said Frailey.

And maybe it's one more reason to celebrate this Veteran's Day.

The other amendment that passed also provided homestead exemption; this time for low income seniors over the age of 65 who have lived at their homes for 25 years or more.

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