Florida Woman Survives After a Plane Crashes in to Her Home

Walton, FL - January 6, 2013

A Florida woman survives after a plane crashed into her home Friday.

The Florida Highway Patrol says the plane hit the Flagler County home 12 minutes after the pilot reported the aircraft was severely shaking.

Jessica Crockett, the homeowner's daughter, explained how her mother got out alive, "She did know it was a plane because she could hear it, but we hear planes all the time. I used to live here, and we hear them a lot and we kind of just figured they were landing in the airport,"

"She climbed through her window in her bedroom," Crockett said of her mother's route to safety. .

All three people aboard the small plane died.

The plane had been on its way to an airport in Knoxville, Tennessee, when it was diverted to Flagler County Airport.

It went down a mile east of that airport. The FAA is investigating.

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