Florida to raise high school drop out age

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Twenty-one states require students to be 18 years old to drop out of school. And now, Florida is looking to join those states with a higher drop out rate.

Nine-thousand Florida high school students dropped out before finishing high school last year. Parents must agree for a student to quit before they are 18.

Now, the sunshine state is looking to raise the drop out age. More than 74 percent of Florida high school students graduated in 2012. Sen. Bill Montford said raising the age may not be enough.

"Raising the age to 18 is good but that's only one step and it wont work unless we have real special programs in place that these children need," Montford said.

Fewer than two percent dropped out. Nearly 40- thousand either took an extra year, or got a certificate.

High school dropouts earn, on average, 15-thousand dollars less than those with a diploma. Those with a college degree earn three times more than a high school graduate.

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