Florida's Literacy Week Kick-off

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The announcement of the top three winning PSA's, to promote reading, kicked-off literacy week.

"All the students are winners, but Joey's stood out as one of the top three in the entire state," said Linda Service, Media Specialist at Swift Creek Middle School.

Seventh grade student, Joey Bisping's PSA pumped up Kate Sullivan Elementary to celebrate the week by putting on a book character parade.

"The event helps reading come alive, so today we get to dress as our favorite book character and come alive through our favorite books," said Brandy Tyler-McIntosh, Assistant Principal at Kate Sullivan Elementary.

Teachers were dressed up in the spirit too.

"Oh, I am a kid at heart, so just getting to do something outside of the normal curriculum is just a blast," said a teacher at Kate Sullivan Elementary.

Bisping could still make it to the coveted first place spot.

On Thursday, the results will be announced and the prizes will be given out.

The next event is held at Deerlake Middle School where students and teachers will collect books for charity.

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