Flu Season Starting Early, Packing Punch

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Leon County, Fl - Flu season seems to be starting earlier this year, packing a powerful punch. That's why so many are taking a pro-active approach to warding off the virus.

The Leon County Health Department will continue to hold flu vaccination clinics for anyone 6 months of age and older, at the Roberts and Stevens clinic on Old Bainbridge Road. You can see the date and times of upcoming clinics. No appointments are needed. The cost for a vaccine is 22 dollars, or free to those who have Medicare Part B or a Capital Health Plan. They are also free for children 6 months to 18 years old who meet certain criteria.

The last time Ann Waltz got the flu she remembers feeling how most of us do:

"i was sick as a dog for about two weeks and in bed and I have been a firm believer in getting a flu shot religously ever since then."

Waltz didn't have a flu shot then...She learned the hard way and wants to make sure others don't do the same.

"The single best way for any of us to prevent the flu is by getting a yearly flu vaccination."

Waltz runs the immunization of flu vaccines for Leon County during the peak time for flu season. Nora Mauldin makes sure she gets that shot in the arm this time of the year too.

Nora Mauldin: "I get my kids vaccinated and I try to remind my parents to get vaccinated and i might mention something to my sister on the phone about it."

People who get the flu vaccine aren't just keeping themselves healthy but also others around them.

"it's a small amount of time to invest to keep yourself well but also the more folks in the community who are immunized the less flu we have circulating."

Some of the more at-risk groups that should be vaccinated include pregnant women and those 65 and older.

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