Fly By St. Marks Monarch Festival

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By: Winnie Wright
October 25, 2013

St. Marks, FL - Everyone needs to make pit stop sometimes... Just so happens butterflies make theirs at Saint Marks when migrating to Mexico.

Saint Marks National Wildlife Refuge is the temporary home to thousands of monarch butterflies as they make their way south of the border for the winter. The Refuge will host the 25th Monarch Butterfly Festival to give visitors a close encounter with the insect.
This year's festival will have demonstrations, exhibits, children's activities and of course butterflies.

Robin Mill, Refuge Ranger: "So all the viewers tomorrow at the festival will get to see the tagging team in action and they'll release the butterflies and they'll get to see them head out over the Gulf of Mexico. Going to those Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico."

The event is Saturday and runs from 10 to 4 pm. The cost is 5 dollars per vehicle.

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