Former Head Baseball Coach Plans to Sue FAMU

The former head baseball coach at FAMU has put administrators on notice that he plans to sue the university.

Willie Brown says he was treated unfairly and terminated because of sexual harassment allegations by a player on his team.

"Now we're at a point where I am going to sue." Brown told the FAMU Board of Trustees.

Brown walked up to the podium with his wife by his side. He says, "I offered to walk away. I offered to not sling mud. It was not well-received by general counsel. So, I have no other alternative but to sling mud."

Brown was fired as head baseball coach at FAMU.

One of his players accused him of hazing and sexual harassment.

Brown says school administrators were not fair in their decision to fire him.

He says, "I am going to sue the university for discriminatory practices. I'm going to sue the university for violating my rights."

Brown denies any wrongdoing.

He says the player told team members that he would make the accusations if he didn't make the team. Once the player was cut, that's when the allegations were made.

Brown says he cut the player because his skills were not on the collegiate level.

After addressing the Board of Trustees Thursday morning, a group of FAMU baseball players were waiting for Brown.

They got one last pep talk from their former coach. He told the players that he loved them and to stay strong. They all crouched down in a huddle and did their group prayer.

Brown's lawsuit will seek unspecified monetary damages.
FAMU administrators say they are not allowed to comment on the pending lawsuit.

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