Former NFL Player Talks Cowboy Tragedy

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A Dallas Cowboys player is accused of manslaughter in the death of a teammate.

Josh Brent, 25, a nose tackle for the team, was driving after a night of drinking early Saturday morning. His teammate, Jerry Brown was a passenger in the vehicle when Brent crashed killing Brown.

Brent now faces intoxication manslaughter charges in the case. Players can avoid situations like this all the time. Every NFL team offers a service to pick up players anywhere at anytime if they have too much to drink.

We spoke with Corey Fuller, former NFL defensive back and FSU Seminole. He says the NFL wants to protect the image of the league when these situations occur.

"From day one they tell you that this is a business," said Fuller. "The NFL is gonna protect the shield and what I mean by the shield is those three letters the NFL. They offer every service that you can think of that's available to the world. They probably double it in the NFL."

Brent was arrested back in college on DUI charges.

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