Former FAMU Band Member Charged With Felony Hazing Speaks Out

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Tallahassee, Florida - July 18, 2012 -

One of the eleven FAMU band members charged with felony hazing in the death of drum major Robert Champion is telling his story of what happened November 19th in Orlando.

Rikki Wills says he was on bus C to help Champion get through a gauntlet of punches that night. Wills says he learned of the hazing culture on his first day on campus and that a well known chant alerted everyone what was about to take place. He says FAMU administrators should have known as well.

"After the drum majors dismiss the band on the field, a lot of times the band does chants specifically coming from the percussion section. You know, they do the Bus C chant. Everybody says it and then like they go ugh after they are done. And it's hard not to know what that is. Its either they either completely ignored it or didn't care to know what it was," Wills said.

Wills is the first band member charged in the hazing death to tell his story publicly. We'll have a full report tonight.

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