Founder of Local Ministry & Wife Robbed at Gunpoint, Home Invaded

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Thomasville, GA - Gary Johnson, founder of the Brotherhood of Love Ministry in Thomas County, says it's a night he and his wife Doris will never forget.

"I should have never opened the door and by doing that, I put both of our lives in danger," Johnson said.

The couple says three masked men barged into their home with assault rifles and a pistol demanding money during the early morning hours of November 3rd.

"They made me lay down right there on the living room floor and by that time, my wife was coming out the bedroom and they grabbed her and slammed her right down on the floor," Johnson said.

The couple says the men took off with more than $1000 in cash, money that they had set aside to pay this month's bills. They said the suspects also took nearly $13,000 in jewelry and even stole all the food out of the family's refrigerator before taking off.

"That stuff can be replaced," said Johnson. As he begins to cry he added, "I just, thank God that we made it out with our lives."

"You see stuff on TV and you think, it'll never happen to me, you know? It was just terrible and an experience that I would never want to experience again," said Doris Hill, Johnson's wife.

As investigators with the Thomasville Police Department continue to search for the suspects, the encounter still haunts Johnson.

"It's something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemies," he said. "I can't sleep at night. I can't eat. I went to the hospital like five or six times for my nerves. Just last night I had a panic attack."

Anyone with information on the home invasion should contact the Thomasville Police Department at 229- 227-3249.

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