Fraternity Shaves Heads to Support Brothers Battling Cancer

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By: Mike Springer
March 17, 2013

Tallahassee, FL-The men of Theta Chi fraternity are shaving it all off.

About 60 brothers from the chapter at Florida State University shaved their heads Sunday.

They're doing it to raise money for fellow Theta Chi brothers Adam Jankowski and Oliver Bucknell. Each is battling Cancer.

Bucknell says seeing the support of his fellow brothers has really touched him.

"For everyone here, I really hope they never have to experience it themselves, but I can be completely honest and say it's helped tremendously. It's really changed things around from how it was going to how it is going now," said Bucknell.

"It's really been incredibly unifying for our chapter, just to really get behind our guys. It's just been an absolute privilege to be a part of the organization," said Robby Holroyd, president of the chapter.

The fraternity says it's raised more than $20,000 dollars.

All of the money raised will go to help pay for both Bucknell's and Jankowski's medical costs, according to the chapter.

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