Atlanta School Penalized In Football Fraud Scheme

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News Release: Associated Press News
Updated: March 18, 2014, 9:30pm

ATLANTA (AP) -- Penalties have been imposed on an Atlanta school that allowed football players living outside its service area to use false addresses on enrollment documents.

The Georgia High School Association has ordered Grady High School to forfeit wins from the 2013 season, spend the 2014 season on probation -- which blocks the team from post-season play next year -- and pay a $1,000 fine.

Atlanta Public Schools superintendent Erroll Davis earlier this month outlined the findings of an investigation that revealed at least 14 players on the team used false information in enrollment forms.

The investigation accused several team staff members and district employees of being involved in the fraud. District officials say they're finishing a separate investigation and could make personnel recommendations later this week.

News Release: Associated Press News

ATLANTA (AP) -- Atlanta Public School Superintendent Erroll Davis says an investigation has found that 14 Grady High School football players used fake addresses to enroll and play on the team.

Davis outlined a 23-page report at the midtown Atlanta school Wednesday evening and said parents of children who live outside the school's service area are being charged tuition.

In the report, investigators said one player who transferred to the school never saw the inside of a classroom. Officials said six students listed the address of an assistant coach on their district paperwork.

Davis called the fraud another instance of adults failing children and children paying the price. Last year, thirty-five educators -- including the former superintendent -- were indicted for their involvement in a standardized test cheating scandal.

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