Free Food Fridays in Frenchtown Community

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson

February 15, 2013

Tallahassee, FL-- "I come all the way from the south side of town Veteran's appreciate it so much, you know, every penny counts," said Tony Dickens, a Recipient of the program.

Hundreds of people lined up in Tallahassee's Frenchtown neighborhood to get free food.

The Big Bend Community Development Corporation and Farm Share brought hundreds of boxes filled with fresh vegetables and fruits to give to the community.

"Word of mouth just spread like wild fire, so now we are getting people each week, it started with just 15 now were averaging about 70 to about 120 people each week and it keeps growing," said Tuesday Knight from the Big Bend Development Corporation.

The non-profit organization gives free food every Friday to folks in the area. Cornelia Smith once was a recipient of the program, now is a proud volunteer.

"Helping someone else, this is what it's all about, helping one another," said Cornelia Smith, a volunteer. "They are helping many lives and It's a great need in the community, so we are not going unnoticed."

"Good to see some positive things in our community, and let people know, we got people that care," said Dickens.

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