Free Women's Self-Defense Class Held in Tallahassee

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By:Matt Galka
February 16, 2013

One man held a gun to a woman's head and screamed "Give me all your money right now! Let's go!"

Thankfully the scary scene was only a drill. Dozens of women showed up at the Martial Arts Fitness Academy in Tallahassee to learn from the practice scenarios.

The introductory seminar taught students the basics of how to get out of different attack situations. Some admitted the training got a little intense.

"Your anxiety goes pretty high, even when you know it's fake so to have a gun pointed at your head whether it's fake or real is still pretty stressful, that was definitely an eye opener," said seminar goer Jessica Sneed.

According to the department of justice, one in three women worldwide are victims of domestic or sexual violence. Brandi McIntosh, a student turned instructor, said they hear too many attack stories from their students.

"Sorority girls getting attacked, trips to Publix going wrong, or just going out to your car because you forgot something. We want women to know there are ways of keeping themselves safe," said McIntosh.

As terrifying as having a gun pointed at your head is, students say that the course gave them an extra sense of security.

"It builds your confidence. It is coming here, holding your head high, knowing that whenever you leave here, not only are you going to feel great about yourself, but knowing that you have the power, the mindset to overtake someone three times your size," said Randi Cromer, another student at the class.

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