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COLD this morning... mild this afternoon with plenty of sunshine! Mid and upper 60s today... then we have some issues... COLD coming tomorrow and lasting thru Monday. When the next cold front pushed thru tomorrow morning, temps are not expected to rise much past the low and mid 50s - it'll be breezy too so it will feel colder all day Saturday. Sunday morning we could see mid 20s for a good few hours - likely our COLDEST morning this season.

There are really only 2 scenarios that could actually bring SNOW to our areas... the most likely kind of scenario is having a bunch of available moisture lingering when a strong push of very cold air sweeps thru... Well, we are going to have a fairly swift push of very cold air sweep thru tomorrow morning (like 9am-noonish). The ??? is will there be enough moisture and will the air be cold enough this far south? It's doubtful... but stranger things have happened!!! and it'll be a lot of fun to speculate about for the next 24 hours!

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