Friday Weather... And A Look Ahead To The Weekend!

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Cold and Breezy for the next few days.
Now, it's not super-freezing kinda cold. But, for early March, around here, it's cold enough. And the wind makes it feel colder than it is.
Highs today likely struggle to reach 60. Factor in the wind, and it'll feel 3-8 degrees colder than it is.
Tonight, lows should fall into the 30s. That cool north breeze continues and makes it feel like it's below freezing, even if it isn't actually that cold.
Saturday is going to be a rough one for temps. Mostly cloudy, breezy, cold and raw. Highs will struggle to reach 50, and that wind chill will make it feel 5-10 degrees colder than it is.
Sunday morning as the skies clear a bit, morning lows at or below freezing. Monday morning likely even colder!
Think warm thoughts!!!

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