Fugitive Found Hiding at House

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Madison County Sheriff's Office Release

Madison County Sheriff Ben Stewart reports that on Thursday the 13th day of December 2012, Investigators with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office received information that Fugitive Victor Mature Miller was hiding at a residence located at 245 Reedbuck Loop, Greenville FL.

Miller had been on the run and hiding out for several months. An arrest team comprised of Sheriff’s Office personnel to include investigators, patrol deputies and the K-9 unit was assembled and responded to 245 Reedbuck Loop.

Upon arrival the rear of the residence was secured by Cpl. Kevin Stout and K-9 Onyx while other members of the arrest team went to the front of the residence. Contact was made with the home owner and a female identified as Sonya Denise Coleman. The home owner was questioned concerning anyone else being inside the residence. The home owner confirmed that there was a man known to him as “Frog”.

Simultaneously, investigators learned that Sonya Denise Coleman was Victor Millers girlfriend. When Coleman was questioned concerning who else was in the residence she answered “no one”. When Coleman was questioned concerning the whereabouts of Miller she answered that she did not know. Investigators explained to Coleman that she would be arrested for obstruction if in fact she was being untruthful.

Cpl. Kevin Anderson and K-9 Max along with the arrest team assembled at the opened front door. Commands were given to the unknown male inside the residence to come out. After several minutes with no response, Cpl. Anderson along with K-9 Max followed by the arrest team entered the residence. K-9 Max led Cpl. Anderson and the arrest team to a back bedroom with a closed door. Once the door was opened K-9 Max located Victor Mature Miller hiding in a corner concealed by a headboard of the bed. Victor Mature Miller was arrested without incident. Sonya Denise Coleman was also arrested for obstruction.

Arrested and charged are the following:

Victor Mature Miller, B/M, DOB: 01/03/1969 of 245 Reedbuck Loop, Greenville, FL 32331
Charged: Parole Violation Warrant-Second Degree Murder

Sonya Denise Coleman, B/F, DOB: 12/04/1979 of 245 Reedbuck Loop, Greenville FL 32331
Charged: Obstruction

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