Furlough Days Set To Kick In On Monday At Moody Air Force Base

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By Eames Yates
July 6, 2013

Lowndes County, GA -

On Monday five hundred civilian employees that work at Moody Air Force Base will be subject to automatic budget cuts in the form of furlough days. Willie Houston spent eight years in the military, and opposes the cuts.

Houston said "it effects the companies that they buy from. It effects the people that work with them. It effects the people's families. So you know it's just, it's a real big impact on the community."

The cuts effect roughly seven hundred thousand civilian defense department workers around the world. It's part of a plan to save about two billion dollars. But for those working at Moody, it's the businesses of Lowndes County that could pay the price.

Thelma Hargett owns H&H Produce Farm. She said "you see the families coming out and shopping and buying, visiting. And it's just great to see them here in the community over all." She said with the new furlough days "well we may not see them out and about as much."

Some Lowndes County residents just want to see the tables turned.
Jeraldine Houston is known in the community as the Peanut Lady. She said "the politicians are the ones screwing everything up and making everyone suffer. And they should be the ones suffering."

Moody has a nearly $450 million dollar annual economic impact on Lowndes County. Time will tell if that number shrinks.

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