Furniture Store Donates Beds to Needy Families

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It's an ordinary drop off day for these Ashley Furniture deliverymen.

It takes them all of ten minutes to assemble the brand new bed.

But, this family is not only grateful for the delivery, but also the gift of giving.

"I feel really blessed because that's something that he really wanted and he got it," said Betty Bryant, speaking about her son.

Betty Bryant adopted three kids seven years ago. Two twins, Michelle and Michael and little Santwan, who the recipient of the new bed.

"I know God blessed us with it," Bryant said.

Every few months Ashley Furniture HomeStore donates beds to needy children. The kids are nominated, then they write an essay for why they need a new bed.

Each kid is nominated based on their need for comfortable bedding and then Ashley Furniture helps make that dream come true by bringing a mattress and memory foam for padding.

"It's going to give them a better nights sleep, help them hopefully with their academics, their extra-curricular activities and certainly their family relationships," said John Ariotti, manager at Ashley Furniture.

Saturday they dropped off three beds and will finish the last drop-off Tuesday for another family.

"I'm please with this, this is nice," Bryant added.

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