Furry Friend Hangs Out At New Tallahassee Restaurant

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By: Garin Flowers
March 14, 2014

Midtown Caboose, now four weeks old, is one of Tallahassee's newest restaurants. It not only comes with unique food, but also, apparently, a cat to keep you company during your meal.

His name is Pickles. The owner of the Caboose, Adam Wells, says that Pickles started coming around during construction of the restaurant.

He now comes around just about everyday to greet employees and customers.

Wells says that pickles lives in an apartment just behind the Caboose and always makes a visit.

"It actually has worked out great. I was going to get a cat and then we decided to open a restaurant instead, so I couldn't do it. I feel like it's almost fate because I kind of feel like he's my pet even though he's not," Wells said.

"He's pretty special. The customers love him, people come in, they always ask about him, he's on the work schedule in the back, all the employees love him, we feed him everyday. He's great."

Pickles declined to do an interview, but didn't mind us getting him on video.

You can find him during different times of the day at the Midtown Caboose.

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