Florida GI Bill Expands Fee Waivers to Military Spouses

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By: Eyewitness News
June 19, 2014

As of July 1, 2014, military personnel, spouses, and veterans seeking professional licensure will have several fees eliminated from the process, making it easier for them to do business here in Florida. Governor Rick Scott signed the GI Bill, also known as HB 7015, on March 31, 2014, which expands the military and veteran fee waivers to include spouses of military personnel. The deadline to apply for these fee waivers has also been extended from within 24 months of honorable discharge to 60 months.

“The fact that we have further reduced the burden on Florida’s military heroes and their families under the Florida GI Bill is truly the least we can do to repay them for the sacrifices they have made,” said DBPR Secretary Ken Lawson. “As a veteran, I am truly proud that I serve under Governor Scott, who is a veteran himself. Governor Scott has said making Florida the most military-friendly state is one of his top priorities and I am glad that through his leadership, we can help our brothers and sisters in uniform and encourage them to do business right here in Florida.”

In addition to expanding the fee waiver exemption, the GI Bill also extended the benefits that are available to active members of the Florida National Guard. The "Educational Dollars for Duty" (EDD) program will now help to reimburse active Florida National Guard members for continuing education fees, which are necessary to maintain a certification or license, as well as examination fees that are necessary to obtain licensure.

For more information regarding the fee waivers as well as the services offered by DBPR to active military, military spouses and veterans can be found online at This Link.

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