Gadsden County Projects Cut from State Budget

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By: Matt Galka
May 21, 2013

Gadsden County, FL - Florida Governor Rick Scott's budget vetoes are being felt in our area. Gadsden County saw some cuts when the governor gave the axe to a $150,000 water project in Gretna.

Gadsden County Administrator Robert Presnell released this statement to WCTV saying that while they are in support of the Governor, the county was "very disappointed about the veto of the Gretna water project. In our rural community infrastructure investment is key to the development of our economic garden."

The governor said he followed criteria on what projects he chose to veto and what projects he chose to keep. Still, that's little consolation to the folks that lost out on state funds.

"The goal was jobs, improve education, keep the cost of government as low as possible," said Gov. Scott at his press conference Monday.

Those three objectives were enough for the Governor to also cut out $200,000 for a Mobile Health Unit in Gadsden County.

State Rep Alan Williams proposed the budget item.

"You can't tell me that a mobile health unit won't improve the quality of life and the healthcare of citizens in a rural county such as Gadsden County," said Rep. Williams.

Even if the Governor agreed, the project got cut for the third year in a row.

A recreation center project for the Gadsden County Sheriff's office didn't make the cut either. Williams and Gadsden County officials said they will look for state support for the projects again in 2014.

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