Gadsden Co. Teachers Rally Motivation for New School Year

By: Lanetra Bennett
August 13, 2014

Quincy, FL - "Don't let the dropout rate go up because caring has gone down." Says, Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor. "Make no excuses if you are on the team and ready to take on the mission. Focus on the inside of who they are."

Commissioner Proctor spoke to Gadsden County teachers and staff Wednesday during the district's annual rally. The goal was to motivate the 900 staff members for the start of the new school year in just a few days.

Leroy Smith, a 6th grade World History teacher at Shanks Middle School, says, "If we go in in the school year with the same goal, the same focus, the same energy, it will affect, it will have a triple effect on the kids."

Five Gadsden County schools received A's last year. Superintendent Reginald James says the goal this year is at least 10.

Teachers say they believe that's possible, even with the new Florida school standards.

Coach Jacob Henderson, from East Gadsden High School, says, "Anytime you implement new standards, it takes a minute or two to get adjusted with. But, that's the whole purpose of this rally, to get motivated, to get everybody on one accord, to understand that these benchmarks will be met."

Staff from each school had fun during the rally showing off just how ready they are through skits, dance routines, and songs.

Gadsden County and most districts in our Florida area start school Monday, August 18th. Students in Suwannee County start August 19th.

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