Gadsden Sheriff's Bee Training [GALLERY]

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By: Matt Galka
October 9, 2013

The Gadsden County Sheriff's Office says that the buzz around town could wind up being a dangerous thing...

Gadsden County Sheriff Morris Young spent part of today visiting with a bee keeper to become better informed about the honey making insects. Young says that the Sheriff's Office has seen a major uptick in bee hive calls. Just yesterday a resident called about a bee hive that was suspected to be a deadly Africanized type of bee.

Sheriff Young: "We've seen where they've gotten into houses, and once you peel back the boarding in the house, you see this large comb of bees, and it can destroy a home."

Young says if you find a large nest you should call the Sheriff's Office. They will then contact local bee keepers who can save the nest and the bees and eventually harvest the honey.

By: Matt Galka
October 9, 2013

Sheriff Morris Young is learning about bees with a local bee keeper in Gadsden County.

The sheriff's office has seen an uptick of bee calls from residents.

See much more of the Gadsden Sheriff's bee training tonight on WCTV.

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