Gas Prices Increase Before End of Year

Some area residents are on alert for a new scheme affecting folks across the country.

"I use lots of gas, yes, I do."

Lots as in sometimes about $200 a week in gas.

Tallahassee resident Margaret Bryant says she drives back and forth to Georgia and Alabama on a weekly basis.

Bryant says, "I would love to see the gas prices go back down."

AAA says it's not going to happen any time soon.

The auto club says after a steady decline since November, retail gas prices have inched back up as 2012 comes to an end.

Bryant says, "I guess holiday travel is over, and that was why they were down. back probably to normally prices after trying to give everybody maybe a Christmas treat."

AAA says the national average price of unleaded gas is $3.24 a gallon. Florida's is $3.29 and Georgia's $3.18.

Experts say gas prices are doing exactly what was expected, ending the year on an upswing.

AAA says aside from the slight increase in pump prices from last week, 2012's annual average is a record-breaking year. It says, so far, this year's average for a gallon of regular unleaded is $3.61. AAA says that figure is ten cents more than the annual average in 2011.

Motorist Demetrius Hover says, "What's helping me is that I got a little gas saver right now. So, I advise people to get a gas saver."

AAA says drivers could very likely see pump prices increase into mid January before starting to drop again.

AAA says the past two years reflected the same trend, with gas prices dipping in early to mid December, only to increase before New Years Day.

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