Georgia Association Of Educators Pushes For Full School Years

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By Eames Yates
September 19, 2013

Valdosta, GA - Some Georgia schools are facing as much as thirty days worth of cuts. Educators say it's bad news for both students and faculty. Cutting days is often one of the only options for schools to balance budgets. The decision ultimately falls on a local level.

Martin Roesch is the Valdosta School Superintendent. He said "it's up to the local board of education to set the calendar for the school year whether it be a hundred and seventy six days for the kids or a hundred and eighty instructional days."

This year Valdosta City Schools have a full hundred and eighty days. But Lowndes County Schools have four days of furloughs and are among more than half the districts in the state that don't have a full year. Last year Valdosta City Schools did experience furlough days, which hit the pocket books of more than just the faculty.

Jennifer Steedley is the Valdosta School Public Relations Director. She said "it wasn't just teachers, it was a hit for everyone across the board in our school district. You know, from our custodial workers, bus drivers, central office employees, superintendent to teachers. I mean everybody had that four days pay taken out of their checks for twelve months."

The Georgia Association of Educators is asking citizens to contact their local legislators to provide the funding for a full hundred and eighty days.

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