Georgia DOT To Enhance Small Business Program

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Atlanta – Beginning next year, the Georgia Department of Transportation will greatly enhance its efforts to encourage and assist small businesses in doing business with the Department and its consultants and contractors.

In conjunction with a new federal initiative designed to foster increased nationwide small business participation in government contracting, Georgia DOT’s effort will promote opportunities for eligible small businesses though the Department’s procurement of materials and professional and technical services, as well as transportation consultant and construction contracts.

The goal of the program will be to facilitate procurement and prime contract and subcontract opportunities of a size and scope that can reasonably be performed by competing small businesses including Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs).

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(Under U.S. Small Business Administration guidelines, a company’s average annual receipts over the past three (3) years cannot exceed $22.41 million, as well as other size standards established by the North American Industry Classification System.)

Georgia DOT encourages local governments receiving Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant (LMIG) funding to use small and disadvantaged businesses and reminds local governments to report, at the end of the year, any DBE usage on LMIG contracts to the Department.

In addition to its primary responsibility to provide for the safety, maintenance and growth of Georgia’s federal and state highway system, the Department of Transportation also assists cities and counties in the care and expansion of local roads and streets. Through its Local Maintenance and Improvement Grants (LMIG) program – formerly the State Aid and the Local Assistance Road (LARP) programs – Georgia DOT has given cities and counties nearly $860 million during the past decade. For more information on Georgia DOT, please visit or subscribe to our Press Release RSS feed. You also may follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter (


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