Georgia GOP debates ,discusses economy

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Republicans running for Georgia's open U.S. Senate seat met last night for the first of seven debates to be held across the state.

Among the topics debated were the healthcare law and the growing debt. GOP candidate David Perdue said he was happy the economy was discussed.

"A recent Atlanta Journal poll show that 60 percent of people in Georgia think that the debt and the economy is the number one issue," Perdue said. "The second issue is education at 15%. I was really pleased that we got a couple of questions that related to the debt and the economy. In my mind it's the crisis of the day."

While the U.S. deficit was a large topic in this debate, the question about agriculture policy changes also came up, which is a main concern for voters in this area.

"We need to get that farm bill passed," said GOP candidate Karen Handel, "it's been lagging around. Congress has known for 5 years it was coming up for renewal and yet they still haven't been able to get it done, that's not fair to our agri-business community to leave them in limbo like this."

Voters say they are happy to see a GOP debate in small areas of the state.

"I actually felt that this was very good that the debate happened somewhere outside of Atlanta for once," said Joannah Hollis,a Georgia voter.

The next debate will take place in Kennesaw, Georgia February 1.

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