Georgia Peanut Tour Stops In Brooks County

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By Emily Johnson
September 19, 2013

Barney, GA - The Georgia Peanut Tour put on by the Georgia Peanut Growers Commission stopped in Brooks County, participants came from all over the world to see how peanut production was done in the South.
"The have approximately a 160 people on this tour for 2013 and there are representatives from Argentina, China, Canada, several international visitors and national representatives across the United States," says Brooks County Ag Extension Agent Stephanie Hollifield.

Hollifield also stated in her introduction that peanuts were one of the most important crops in Brooks County. The total acres for this year was 6,383. As far as the yields for peanuts in Brooks County average more than 4,000lbs per ton for the 06G variety. The major crops in Brooks County are peanuts,cotton, vegetables, pecans and peaches.

A representative from Hormel Foods, Jim Bentz says, "we are out and about every chance we get to learn about peanuts, where they come from as well as how they work into our process of making Skippy Peanut Butter."

For John Burton he has been in the peanut industry for a while. "This farm has been passed down from my daddy and my uncle. and I've been personally growing peanuts since 1979. "

Burton Family Farms owned by John Burton, his brother Felix and his son Scott has been passed down through the generations. As for the peanut crop this year Burton says, "It loos real good, this variety is the 06G, it's turning out real good what we have harvested."

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