Georgia Sheriff Warns Of Scams

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Cairo, GA 6-7-13

At least eight victims of scam artists have come forward in Grady County alone in two weeks.

Sheriff Harry Young of Grady County sits at his desk counting the number of victims of scams he's seen just in the last couple of weeks. Thousands of dollars from residents lost through phone calls and mailings claiming to be working for Medicare, Social Security or lottery companies asking for personal information like bank accounts.

"It makes me mad more than anything else," said Young.

Over the years, Sheriff Young has seen a lot of differences in the ways thieves try to steal money from people. They used to have plain white envelopes but now they're becoming more sophisticated and bright to catch people's attention.

Most of the so-called companies that are swindling money are from other states even outside the country which makes it harder to prosecute.

"Our hands are tied," said criminal investigator Daniel Singletary. "There's nothing we can do."

Young says if residents in Grady or any surrounding counties get calls asking for money, bank accounts or social security numbers, hang up and alert authorities.

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