Georgia State Patrol Reports 19 Fatal Car Wrecks Over Holiday Weekend

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Thomasville, GA- 52 year-old John Brooks from Moultrie was one of the people who lost their life on Georgia's roads over the holiday weekend.

"It really broke my heart when I heard what happened," said neighbor, Laura Shackelford. "He was a very nice person, a Christian like person. I mean, I've never had a problem with him; he's always treated me real nice."

Troopers say the wreck happened Saturday evening along Sylvester Highway in Colquitt County. Brooks was a passenger in one of the two vehicles involved in the crash.

Brooks isn't alone. Troopers in Thomasville say they worked two additional fatal car wrecks over the holiday weekend. One in Mitchell County and a second in Colquitt County. Sergeant Tabb says alcohol was not a factor in any of those wrecks.

Numbers were also up in our area for total number of traffic stops.

"We stopped 437 cars out of this patrol post. We issued 431 warnings and 122 citations for various violations," said SFC W. Tracy Tabb with Georgia State Patrol.

Sergeant Tabb said they expected to an increase with so many people hitting the roads, as well their increased efforts to catch speeders.

"We have a new campaign out called '10 is too much,' so at 10 over, we're going to stop and issue a warning for first offenders and the next time, you'll get citation for speeding if you are caught going 10 or more over," Tabb explained.

Last year, more people were injured during the 102 hours of the holiday weekend, but this year six more people lost their lives.

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