Georgia Woman Celebrates 100th Birthday

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Attapulgus, GA- January 19, 2013

Myrtice Williams of Calvary had a lot to celebrate on Saturday; 100 years of life and happiness.

"You know, I don't feel no different than I did when I was 19, but I just thank God that I'm still here and able to go," Williams said.

The birthday bash was held at Mt. Ararat Primitive Baptist Church in Attapulgus where Williams has been a member her whole life. It's the place where she earned her nickname, "Mother Mrytice Williams."

"She mothers everybody," said Williams' granddaughter, Beatrice Chester. "If you're in the wrong in any kind of way, she'll straighten you out. She always has wisdom for you."

Darrell Harrison, Williams' Godchild added, "She is very funny. She loves fishing. She loves people. She enjoys going to Church and is just a nice lady to be around."

Friends say, the color scheme for the party was chosen to represent some of Williams's best qualities; Grey for Wisdom. Pink for her Sassiness. White for Purity and Purple for Royalty.

"She is the backbone of our family," said Chester. "She's been through some hard times and she's been through some good times, but she is the backbone. She keeps us going. When we get down, she lifts us up."

Williams says her birthday wish this year is to be here next year, to celebrate her 101st birthday.

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