Georgia Woman Witnesses Her Daughter, Granddaughter Die In Fiery Crash

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SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. (AP) -- A Georgia woman saw her daughter and granddaughter die in a fiery crash on Interstate 285.

Police identified the victims as 17-year-old Gabriella Faiz and her daughter Jada, who would have turned 2 on Monday.

Gabriella Faiz's mother, Al-Quiyamah Faiz, told WSB-TV that she and her daughter were driving in separate cars Thursday night when she lost sight of her daughter. She said she called her daughter, who told her that her recently repaired car had stopped running. Faiz said she looked back and saw an orange flame on the highway. Police said the stalled car was struck by two other vehicles.

A police spokesman said the deaths remain under investigation, but he said drivers experiencing trouble should try to pull off the road.

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