Georgia and Florida Safe Driver Ranking

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By: Emily Johnson
August 29, 2014

When it comes to safe driving, which cities reign supreme and which ones get left in the dust?

The findings were released in All-States Annual America's best Drivers Report.

The safest city for driving is Fort Collins, Colorado.

Unfortunately, Georgia cities didn't fair so well.

Only four Georgia cities made the list out of 200.

Thomas County Sheriff's office says they worked 325 accidents in 2013 and of those, speed was a factor in 217 of them.

Captain Steve Jones, Thomas County Sheriff's Office said, "Distracted driving and speed are your major contributing factors. When you say speed you think people are out there running 80 in a 65, not necessarily it can be the ones that are going 50 in a 35."

In Florida, 13 cities made the safe drivers list.

Tallahassee was ranked as the 44th safest city for drivers.

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