Gillum Qualifies For Tallahassee Mayor Run

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He may be the only candidate to run for Tallahassee mayor.

Thursday morning, Commissioner Andrew Gillum paid his more than $700 qualifying fee to be on the ballot.

Gillum's journey to this point began over a year ago when he announced he'd run.

It was before current Mayor John Marks announced he wouldn't seek

If no one else qualifies by noon Friday, Gillum will be the next mayor.

Gillum arrived at the Leon County Supervisor of Elections Office Thursday morning to pay his qualifying fee with his wife R. Jai and his one month old twins Caroline and Jackson to finalize his mayoral candidacy.

"The goal is obviously that we continue to move us in a very similar direction of growth, development and working on improving our citizens quality of life," Gillum said.

Gillum may have lost more sleep with his new twins than worrying about the mayor's race.

After raising more than $232,000 for his campaign and spending less than half that amount, $95,000, he's the only mayoral candidate with a noon Friday deadline for a last minute challenger.

"It's a democratic process," said Gillum. "We don't know how this thing shakes out," he said. "But the truth is, I'm going to run hard all the way to the end," Gillum said.

In addition to serving as city commissioner, Gillum works full time for an organization called People for the American Way Foundation developing young civic leaders.

"I've got the greatest job in the world," Gillum said. "Every day I work developing the next generation of young civic leaders who are trying to make changes in their communities," he said.

Gillum says if he becomes mayor, he'll keep but cut back on that job.

Currently Gillum says he's paid $102,000 a year to work for People for the American Way Foundation in addition to his roughly $37,000 a year job as commissioner.

But, if he's elected mayor, he says his foundation salary would be cut in half to $51,000.

The mayor makes just under $75,000 a year.

People for the American Way says it's operational mission is "to promote progressive policies, elect progressive candidates and hold public officials accountable".

Reporter: "Would you characterize yourself as a progressive or liberal candidate?

Gillum: "I think I am a progressive, but more over I'm a Tallahasseean."

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