'Girls Can Do Anything Camp' Visits Tallahassee Fire Department [SLIDE SHOW]

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By: Bailey Myers
June 13, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Twenty girls from Tallahassee fought fires today... Or at least were trained on how to fight fires.
The "Girls Can Do Anything Camp" from the Oasis Center for Women traveled to the Tallahassee Fire Department Training Center to learn how to be firefighters. They learned everything from the proper way to use a fire extinguisher, to how to put out a car fire.

Firefighters tell us they hope the experience helps them get excited about becoming a firefighter. Fire Chief Cindy Dick was excited to see young women learning about being a firefighter: "To come out here and have an opportunity to talk to a bunch of little girls about a future in the fire service if they want? Anything that they want to do. It's "Girls Can Do Anything" Summer camp so this is a perfect opportunity to share that with them."

The girls learned just what fire fighters do and even got to rappel off a tower! Aside from their fire fighting training, the girls were able to talk to fire fighters about what to do in an emergency.

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