Girls Softball Tournament is a Hit for the Girls and the City

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By: Bailey Myers

Tallahssee, FL - This is the second time the United States Fast Pitch Association held its Sunshine State Championship in Tallahassee.

They push each other to make it to the next game, in hopes of ultimately winning this year's state championship and national qualifying tournament.

For 13, almost 14, year-old Allie Parkerson, softball is more than a game, it's her life.

"I just really enjoy it. I mean it's just something that I do all the time," sad Parkerson. "I don't know what I would do if I didn't play softball. That's just my hobby. What I always do."

Allie and her team enjoy the game so much that they traveled from Georgia just to play squads from their home state plus Alabama and Florida. Her team isn't alone.

68 girls softball teams from ages eight to eighteen came to Tallahassee to play, and to win. But the girls who win aren't the only ones that benefit.

The Head Umpire during the tournament, Darnell Watson explained his excitement by saying, "Handing them a winner or runner up trophy at the end of the tournament and see the joy that those girls who have stuck together who have worked hard who have made the sacrifice. It's kind of nice."

Aside from the experience these girls are gaining during the tournament, Allie says they all get to learn a little bit more about friendship.

"Those are my best friends definitely...I don't know what I would do without some of them."

The tournament will continue through Sunday.

According to Visit Tallahassee, they aren't the only ones benefiting from this weekend. More than 1,600 people are visiting Tallahassee because of the tournament. They're expected to bring in almost half a million dollars to the city.

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