Girls Tackle Football

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By: Jason Kahn
October 18, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - "What? Hold on. That's a girl? Oh my gosh," said Jade Daniels, referring to the reaction she received when joining the Canopy Oaks Rams.

Daniels is joined by Austyn Hodges on the team.

"I just had to toughen up and just hit," said Daniels, who is a student at Success Academy.

And even though they hear the stereotype - boys are bigger, stronger and faster - they never backed down.

"At first, I was just intimidated and scared and I thought they were just gonna run me right over," said Hodges, who attends Florida High and was a cheerleader before choosing football.

This is their first year playing football, after all. But the more the 13-year-olds practiced, the more they realized they fit in.

"It was just like Jade, you gotta do this, you gotta show them you're tough enough to do this just because you're a girl," Daniels said.

And they're not alone. Three more girls, that brings the total to five, are also tackling Big Bend Pop Warner.

"I just learned to act like I'm bigger, faster and just as strong as them," Hodges said.

One day, these girls hope that people will be saying that about them.

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