Gloomy Weather, Gloomy Mood?

By: Lanetra Bennett
July 24, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Some residents say the rainy weather isn't just soaking their plans, it's dampening their spirits, as well.

Many folks in the Tallahassee area were happy to take advantage of the temporary break from rain earlier in the day Wednesday.

They say the day-after-day of rain has gotten them down.

Researchers say the rainy dark days may seem depressing, but the effect of weather on moods is minimal.

Local resident Bennie Young says, "When it rains and stuff like that, we don't like to be cooped up. So, we enjoy whatever sunlight. We like to come out and enjoy the park."

Local resident Carla Lewis says, "I just sit around all day and read and I don't go outside. I've been really wanting to work out lately because it's summer and I should be getting active. Instead, I just sit around and do nothing because the weather is terrible right now."

Researchers say a seasonal pattern of mood changes has a dramatic effect on four to six percent of Americans.

It's called, Seasonal Affective Disorder -- or "SAD".

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