Godby High School Students Rock Out

By: Lanetra Bennett
March 25, 2014

Tallahassee, FL - Hundreds of students skipped classes at Godby High School Tuesday. But, they all were excused ... and that excuse was "rockin".

The entire school got a free concert at Godby. Several bands performed --including Taboo, one of the founders of the group, "Black Eyed Peas."

It was all thanks to "High School Nation". It's an organization that provides free lunchtime concerts across the nation. It allows teens to learn first-hand from established artists in performing, digital, and fine arts.

Members of the girl band, "Blush" spoke to Eyewitness News. Band member, Alicia, says, "Everyone has their little, a little part in them where they can be creative, whether it's on a keyboard with a piano, a painting with a paint brush. So, I'm so glad that we can be here--how it is to be creative, go out there following your dreams.

"High School Nation" visits 50 schools across the nation. Godby was one of only two schools chosen in Florida.

The principal says the organization will give Godby an unspecified donation to support the arts.

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